Thursday, December 22, 2011

9 months and counting!

It seems like, once again, so long since the last post! So here's a quick recap on some things that (I least), have happened since then.

1. Crawling! This happened in the past week, but you finally got up on your knees and started crawling. Now, you'd been doing the army crawl since before Halloween, and you still do that from time to time. You're sitting up like a champ as well, and you want to stand badly on your own!

2. Teeth. Not sure if I posted about that, but you have two, shiny, white little teeth on the bottom. Still waiting for more!

3. Sickness. On our fourth round of antibiotics (2 amoxicillin, 2 augmentin), the pediatrician suggested you go see the ENT, and tubes it was! You had the tubes put in on December 6th, and this past weekend another ear infection. Ugh! Before that, right after Thanksgiving, it was hand-foot-mouth.

4. Your own bed! We got and put together your crib, and put it in your own room. Not quite ready to room with your big brother, but that will come soon!

5. Moving. We're moving to a new house...and you'll get your own room once again, but as soon as we're sure both you and Daniel can handle it, you'll get to share!

Well, that's about all of the updates for now! Here's to your first Christmas as well!

Friday, October 28, 2011

More Updates

Slowly but surely I'm making updates to all blogs...not all at once, but getting around to each eventually.

So where are's been more than a month, and nowadays it seems like if I turn around for more than a minute, you are doing something new! Last entry, you were just over 6 months old. Your first ear infection came about, delaying your well check. Your ears DID clear up by the time of your well check, and you were over 17 lbs (something which I'll mention more about later).

It was only a few weeks later that yet another ear infection came on. Weight was down to 15lbs, 5.5oz...which seems like a pretty significant weight loss. More antibiotics...and today you went I to get ears re-checked and a flu shot booster...16lbs, 1.5oz...and ear infection in both ears still. So next level of antibiotics it is!

So, all medical things aside, you've learned to do so many things already too! You do the "army crawl" now, and can get pretty far across a room pretty quickly. Sitting're pretty steady sitting up on your own, and you can sit yourself up too.

And with that, you'll be 8 months next month...and as I've said before...slow down, my baby :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6 Months...and an Ear Infection!

This past Sunday (the 11th) was your half birthday! You are six months old!

You've managed to be fairly free of illness up until this point, but that perfect record came crashing down last Thursday when you got your first fever, and had to be taken out of daycare for the day.

As a bit of a background, you've had a bit of a persistent cough since a little before your four month check-up. There really isn't a whole lot that anyone can do for little guys with a cough, unless there's an underlying cause, other than keep your nose suctioned out, maybe some saline, and running the humidifier. Also a recent development is teething. Gnawing on everything in sight, although there are no teeth sprouted yet!

In the days leading up to your temporary banishment from daycare, you were extra fussy and grabbing a bit at your left ear. When your temperature hit almost 102 on Thursday, that sort of solidified our suspicions about your ear. So on Friday we took a trip to the doctor and it was confirmed! Your first ear infection! We were armed with prescriptions for Amoxicillin and Singulair and off we went. Luckily, the medications seem to be working, and your ear and your cough seem to be improving.

Now if you re-master that whole sleeping through the night thing again...

Anyway, your "well" check-up is postponed for two weeks, and we've got your first airplane trip to Montana coming up on Friday! Very exciting!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Things You Are Doing

Once again, time to play catch up!

You're almost 5 months old (well, I won't get ahead of myself too much here...still another 10 days!).

At your four month check-up (coinciding with your brother's 3 year check-up!) you weighed about 13lbs, 6oz and were 25 inches. Weight was a little on the low side, so the doctor suggested feeding you some extra formula. You got four shots (ouch!) and slept things off the rest of the day.

Backing up a little bit, the week before, we tried you out with your first solid foods! On the 4th of July, you got your first bowl of cereal (oatmeal!). You did pretty ate most of the bowl and you didn't spit things out too much! The next were doing well and they started trying it with you at daycare. You ate pretty well for them there too!

After mastering just oatmeal alone, we had daddy go out and get you some other foods to try. First thing...peaches! You winced a little bit just eating peaches alone, but we figured out that mixing peaches with the cereal made them super yummy! After that...carrots. Again, tried those with cereal, since they aren't nearly as sweet as peaches. After a day or two with that, you got your third food, which was pears. You LOVED pears, and couldn't get enough. You ate the entire tub (half mixed with cereal, half plain) in one sitting. We alternated pears with carrots. And now we're on food number four...apples. So far, you're doing pretty well with it...and you get one bowl of cereal in the morning, and cereal with something mixed in the evening.

Your other new trick is rolling over! You started to try this before your grandparents came for Daniel's birthday, but it wasn't until after they left that we saw you go all the way! Now you easily go from back to front and then to your back again. It's so much fun to watch!

Lastly, pictures! I posted a few on your brother's blog, but here are a few of you too.

Monday, June 6, 2011

12+ Weeks and Counting!

Once again, I marvel at how fast you are growing! Slow down! :)

Since the last post, you and your brother's pictures came back from daycare! So very cute (as if we thought they'd be anything but!). Here's a couple little thumbnails for good measure:

Your grandparents (Stone) came from Montana, allowing them the chance to meet you on the outside finally! It was a good trip, overall, and they'll be back to visit for Daniel's 3rd birthday.

In other news, you are still as smiley and cheery as ever. Still sleeping well at night (nodding off around the time your brother goes to bed) and sleeping until around 5 or sometimes even 6am! You're starting to eat quite a bit more too at a single sitting...sometimes I've witnessed you eating 6oz within an hour!

Well, that's about all for now! Keep growing...but not too fast! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

9 Weeks Old...

With all of the things going on, I figured it was time for another post! You are 9 weeks old already! (Actually, 9 weeks and 1 day old). So much has happened, it's hard to remember where I left off last time...but I'll try!

This week you turned 2 months old on the 11th of May. You had your 2 month check-up at the doctor the same day. 11lbs 11.5oz and 23 3/4 inches tall. You're growing so fast and you're even overtaking your brother at that age. The bad part of the doctor's appointment was getting four shots, which you handled pretty well, all things considered.

You're changing so much too. One of the sweetest things to happen is you smiling more often. Right around 6 weeks is when the real smiles started to come out (we'd catch them once in a
while before then, but they were short lived). Now we see you smile at us, or at your brother when he comes to get you at daycare and so on. In fact, today I caught a few pictures of you smiling!

If I hadn't mentioned before, you started daycare right after you turned 6 weeks old. You've taken to it pretty well so far, and your big brother is right down the hall from you. You are the littlest one in there right now, but I'm sure you'll be crawling around with the rest of them soon! Already in daycare you got your first "school" pictures taken. We can't wait to see how things turn out!

Also around 6 weeks old you started sleeping so much better at night! You are going to sleep around 10pm, and sleep until 3 or 4am and go back to sleep again after having a quick bite to eat. So that means you just get up once at night!

And last but not least, you got to meet and spend some time with your uncle Gary when he came to visit at Easter. It was so much fun to see him get to meet you for the first time and get to know you!

Growing fast little dude...growing fast!

Monday, April 11, 2011

One Month Old!

You're one month old today, Jared! (And coincidentally, it's your mommy's birthday!). Tomorrow you have your one month doctor's appointment, so we can see how much you've grown already.

Time certainly does fly...and even in the past week or two it's been busy and fun! Your aunt Tracy and cousin Hannah came to visit last week. It was exciting, since neither one had seen your brother until he was a bit are still "fresh" and it was good to have the help around the house.

While they were here, we went to visit your grandparents (breakfast at Mimi's then over to their house), went to the zoo, went to the mall (and did Build-a-Bear!) and hung out a little more at your grandparents. They were only here for a week, and Daniel and Hannah had loads of fun playing together and even doting on you a little.

Soon, your other grandparents and uncle Gary will be here to visit for Easter! It will be good to have them here and get a chance to meet you on the outside!

Well, that's about all for today...just finished a quick walk over to Safeway, which seemed to put you to sleep quite nicely. You also slept for a stretch of about 4 hours last night (surprise!), so maybe you'll continue with your mommy's birthday surprises and sleep for another 4 hour stretch tonight too!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pregnancy Differences - Daniel and Jared

I know every pregnancy (and delivery!) is different, and this past one was no exception! I thought I'd share a list of the differences between pregnancies! Hopefully my memory holds out while doing this!

Time to Conceive: Daniel - about 6 months, Jared - about 2 months
Gestational Age at Delivery: Daniel - 38w4d, Jared - 38w1d
Weight: Daniel - 8lbs, 8oz, Jared - 8lbs, 0oz
How Labor Started: Daniel - Water broke!, Jared - Contractions!
Length of Labor: Daniel - 8 hours from water breaking, Jared - ??? 6 hours from "painful" contractions, 10 hours from timeable contractions.
Time Spent Pushing: Daniel - almost 2 hours, Jared - 4 pushes (10-15 minutes?)

Morning Sickness: Daniel - Started about 6 weeks along, lasted into 2nd trimester, Jared - Started before I knew I was pregnant! Lasted much less time.
Complexion: Daniel - Better than normal, Jared - Breaking out like a teenager!
Feet/Ankle Swelling: Daniel - Constantly the last 2 months, Jared - about 5 days total...then disappeared!
Stretch Marks: Daniel - none!, Jared - 4 little ones
Braxton Hicks Contractions: Daniel - not until later...last 2 months, Jared - MUCH sooner...5 months onward
Feeling Movement: Daniel - 18-20 weeks, perhaps, Jared - 15-16 weeks
Most Common Movements: Daniel - rolling and jabbing, Jared - kicking and twitching/hiccuping
Gestational Diabetes: Daniel - yes, Jared - no
Weight Gain: Daniel - 5lbs, Jared - 17lbs

(If I come up with more...I'll append this! I'll be curious to see what happens with the next baby!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jared's first weeks!

I might have been a bit better with Daniel at keeping a little running list of the first few days events...but, once again, better late than never...and here's hoping my memory holds out while I type this!

Day 1 (March 11th): Your birthday! You were born at 1:52a.m. (see birth story in previous post). We got moved to a shared room at the hospital because it was so full...this was around 4a.m. or so, and your daddy had to go home (can't stay in shared room overnight) so he got a few hours sleep before returning around 9 or 9:30a.m.. We missed him a lot, but you slept most of the time and I tried to catch up on a little sleep too between nurses coming in and all of that. Megan and James came to visit you that afternoon as well...your first visitors! Later in the day, we got moved to a private room (hooray!) so daddy could stay the night.

Around midnight, they checked your bilirubin levels and you were getting a little bit yellow, so you got started on the bili-lights!

Day 2 (March 12th): You spent all day under the lights, pretty much! Today was also a big day because you got to meet your big brother! Daddy went to go pick up Daniel, and he came into the room and went right up to where you were sleeping under the was very cute! He also wanted to help feed you a bottle...really surprising that he wanted to, but he did a great job. After playing a little bit in the room, Daniel went back to your grandparents and daddy came back for the evening.

That evening, the nurse also asked if it was OK for you to spend the night in the nursery (you kept pulling off your mask) so that they could make sure you didn't hurt your eyes. We agreed and got some much needed rest...awaiting your return in the morning!

Day 3 (March 13th): Discharge day! Your jaundice has pretty much cleared up, so you were good to go, and so was mommy! We left the hospital after lunch, and headed to your grandparents to show you off. Daniel showed an interest in feeding you again, but did also get a little bit jealous (was bound to happen). After an early dinner and playing with Daniel some, we headed to our house, Daniel staying for a couple extra nights.

Day 4 (March 14th): It's Monday! You had a pretty good first night at home...doing what babies do, and waking up every 3 hours or so. It wasn't too bad though, thanks to those little formula bottles they gave us at the hospital and mommy's boobs starting to work (you've done very well with breastfeeding so far!).

Daddy had an interview today, and we got you scheduled for a doctor's appointment today as well. You weighed 7lbs, 13oz today (just like right before you left the hospital!) and everything checked out well! Afterwards, we hit up Fry's Electronics and also your mommy's lab! You got to meet a few more of your mommy's coworkers and we went out to dinner with Heather and Cathie at Mi Amigos.

Day 5 (March 15th): I think we spent a pretty low-key day at home today!

Day 6 (March 16th): Your daddy had to go to a meeting today in the morning for the job that he accepted right before you were born. Today also marked your brother coming home too! Your grandma brought Daniel back home today, and he seemed really thrilled to be back! We went out to get a drug test done for daddy a nice car ride today!

Day 7 (March 17th): Another day at home again!

Day 8(March 18th): You are one week old today!

Day 9(March 19th): Today we did two things...went to the train museum and to a funeral reception for one of your mommy's co-workers. More people you got to meet from work that you may have missed before even!

Day 10(March 20th): A pretty low key Sunday! Headed out for some errands at Target and spent the rest of the day at home.

Day 11(March 21st): After dropping your brother off at daycare in the morning, we headed out to Udupi Cafe for a birthday lunch for some of your mommy's coworkers. Once again, a chance to see some people from work, and meet some of the ones you might have missed before!

Day 12(March 22nd): You had another appointment today with the nurse at the doctor's office to get weighed and checked quickly. You've gone past your birth weight (which was the goal!) and were 8lbs, 5.5oz. Afterwards, we went to Babies R Us and to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

Day 13(March 23rd): Home again!

Day 14(March 24th): Your original due date! We spent the early afternoon going to Target again and lunch at Applebees (a replay of your pre-eviction lunch the day before you were born!).

Day 15(March 25th): Home again! Daddy is waiting to get his background check for his new job, and it came back. He can start work on Monday!

Day 16(March 26th): We went to the zoo today! It's your first time here, on the outside! You slept most of the time, riding around in the stroller.

Day 17(March 27th): Another trip to Babies R US! This time we bought you and your brother a spiffy new double stroller! It seems great so far, and in the evening we took you and your brother out for a spin!

Day 18(March 28th): Your first day at home alone with mommy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Due Date - Jared's Birth Story

Today was Jared's due date! 40 weeks ago you were just an unfertilized egg, and hanging out waiting to be released into the world! But...enough of that...

Here's the story of how you came into the world! I think I'll organize it by date and then time of events...

February 14th: Mommy has a doctor's appointment (34w, 4 days) and is dilated 2cm!

February 23rd: Another doctor's appointment (35w, 6 days) and is dilated 4cm!

March 1st: Doctor's appointment again (36w, 5 days) and is now dilated 5cm (give or take). Since you aren't yet 37 weeks along, the doctor decides to wait until the following week to strip membranes. If not for that, you probably would have been born earlier (just a hunch!).

March 10th, 8:15am: Doctor's appointment (38w, 0 days). Doctor jokes about why I'm still pregnant (since I'm a master dilator!), and does the regular check stuff...heartbeat is good, still dilated the same as the previous week, you're down pretty low, and he strips membranes. It seemed to take a bit longer than I remember it doing with your brother (different doctor). Seemed to be a bit more instant cramping as well, and the doctor mentioned that there would probably be some spotting afterwards (had blood on glove).

9:30am: Mommy gets to work, still cramping a lot, but continuously. I'm a bit "off" at this point, and make plans to half-day it, and to get everything ready to go on maternity leave. Now is when I start noticing what I thought were Braxton-Hicks contractions (so called "false labor")...they are just tight, and don't hurt, especially compared to the cramping. Monica at work suggests that I start timing THOSE...and I kind of laugh, still in denial that they could be "real".

12:30pm: I leave work and head home. Your daddy is off work anyway and doing things around the house to get ready (he's convinced you're coming the next day, and I was pretty convinced too!). As we're doing things around the house (all the while, still having the tightening), he suggests that since we are running errands near my parent's house, to just get Daniel and take him to your grandparent's house. Not wanting to jinx it (or jump the gun), I turn that idea down (stupid of me!).

3:30pm: We get done eating lunch and head home. Your dad goes off to run the errands quickly while I rest and try to use the contraction timer. From what I can see, contractions are coming maybe every 5-10 minutes (not sure if they are consistent though!). I'm still in denial.

6pm: Your dad and Daniel get home. We have some dinner, watch some TV and hang out a little bit. Not sure how close the contractions are at this point.

8pm: Daniel is in the bath, and I continue to time contractions again. Still, not very painful, and still have the cramping that hurts worse. They seem to be steady at about 8 minutes apart, 1 minute long. I'm still in denial, and think that it won't be until morning that things really get going. Along the way (while timing), there is one contraction in particular that REALLY hurt. So, while being still in denial, I sort of had a moment there where I thought this could be it.

10pm: Daniel's been in bed for a while, and me and your dad are sitting around watching TV (and your mommy is posting on Facebook!)! Contractions starting to get more painful!

10:25pm: Mommy posts on Facebook that she's hit the "It's TIME!". Trying to get a hold of my parents so they know we're coming to drop Daniel off...but it takes like 8 tries to get through (sleeping soundly!). Brilliant move on my part going all the way over to their house, rather than having them meet us at the hospital (don't know what I was thinking there either!).

11:30pm: FINALLY on the road, after fumbling around making sure we had everything. Contractions are definitely under the 5 minute apart mark...more like 4 minutes. I kept trying to calculate how many contractions I'd have to go through before arriving at my parent's house...just to keep my mind off. It hurt, but it was still bearable at that point in time.

March 11th, midnight: Left your grandparents house for the hospital. All freeway, thankfully! At this point, contractions are coming even faster...and they REALLY hurt a lot. I can barely remember half of the trip, just because I had my eyes closed!

12:25am: Got to the hospital! Seemed like an eternity to go through the parking garage to get to the 3rd floor maternity spots. Got out of the car, grabbed like one bag (the one with the camera) and tried to make haste to check-in. I don't remember a whole lot of that either, aside from having to put a lot of effort into getting there and trying to get through contractions still. We made it to the check-in (which was an effort to get through all of the questions...the person at the desk was typing as fast as she could though...that was good!).

From there...the times are a bit fuzzy...

After check-in, we went into triage. I remember handing the nurse the paperwork from the doctor's office (that they gave to me just in case) noting that I was GBS + and needed antibiotics, etc. I got weighed (holding on for dear life to the bar on the scale) and temperature taken. From there, we went back to one of the triage rooms, where I swear I couldn't get undressed fast enough and into the hospital gown. Contractions were still killing me! The triage nurse came and asked the infamous "how far dilated was she at her last appointment". Mike answered that one (again)...and then all hell was about to break loose!

The nurse did the cervical check. I didn't see what her facial expression was (I was pretty out of it in pain), but she had to call back a 2nd nurse to double check..."I think she's at 9cm!". All I could think about at that time was...PLEASE give me an epidural...I REALLY hope I'm not too late!

I'm not sure how much longer it was, but the nurse joked that I was making her run through the hallways again. They got another person to help move the bed, and we took off flying down the hall to the delivery area. Again, I had my eyes shut for most of the trip, so I have no idea where we were going...I just laid back and got through the ride.

Upon arriving in the delivery room...I had to switch beds (I do remember that!) and the nurse was starting an IV to get everything pumped in (which, she could have been slicing my arm with a Swiss Army knife and I wouldn't have cared at that point!). They'd called for the anesthesiologist, so he was on the way (as soon as enough fluids got pumped into me). I kept feeling like I had to pee, and that it would make me feel better if I could...but that didn't happen.
They did the epidural while I was on my side (vs sitting up). It seemed to take longer than I remember from before, but as soon as it kicked in...sweet, sweet relief!

As a side note...your mommy had some pretty wild things coming out of her mouth during contractions. Not just the regular "ow ow ow"...but more like "contractions PLEASE don't hurt me!", as well as lots of humming, etc. It felt like I was a lot louder than I apparently was in reality...and I also was trying to deal with pain by grabbing on to things (Mike's hand, the bed rails, bar in the car, etc.).

I'm not sure how long I got to "enjoy" the epidural before the doctor and resident got there. As soon as they got there though, they broke my water and had me start pushing! About 4 sets of pushes (3 pushes per contraction...the last one had 4), and you were out! They took you over to the little incubator bed and got you cleaned off, weighed and all of that good stuff.

We hung out in the delivery room for maybe 2 hours or to breastfeed and all that good stuff. From there, we got the (bad) news that we'd be in a shared room just until later in the day, which meant that your daddy couldn't stay (we got a private room so he could that night...yay!).

And so ends that story!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3D Ultrasound

Once again, much belated, but thought it interesting and fun to put up your 3D ultrasound pictures from back in January.'s definitely you!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From November to March

As mentioned before, the last time I posted something, you were about 23 weeks along. We knew you were a boy, and had your name pretty much nailed down.

The first part of December saw you and I heading for San Antonio for a meeting. First plane trip! The meeting was a long 5 days, and you kept me on my toes (and awake during long lecture sessions!). It was good to have a traveling buddy with me, if even on the inside.

Right after returning from Texas, we hopped on a plane and went to visit your grandparents in Montana. That was an incredibly long, convoluted trip to get there, but we made it finally! It also was your 2nd wedding attended! Very busy baby! Everyone in Montana was very excited about your impending arrival into the world as well!

Christmas came, and we went to spend it with your other grandparents here in town. It was a good, relaxing holiday. New Years came and went as well.

Next came your big 3D ultrasound! With the holidays and everything else going on, we didn't get a chance to schedule it until you were a bit further along, gestation wise, than your brother was (he was about 24 were about 28). We took Daniel with us, which marked the first time he got to "see" you...he didn't seem to really understand what was going on at the time, but he did watch a little on the screen. The lady doing the ultrasound did a "size" check, and reported back to us (off the record, of course), that you were about 4lbs at the time, and measuring about 2 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule. Her calculations had a tentative due date of the 8th of March (eek!). But the best part of the ultrasound was watching you make all of the cute faces and getting to see what you look like up close and personal.

The end of January and month of February seemed to pass by quickly (although there were many aspects that seemed to drag). Your daddy ended his work contract and was looking for a new job, which meant a lot of time at home, and a lot of time with Daniel at home (out of daycare to save money). We also toured the hospital where you were to be born. And then came the issue of all of us getting sick. Daniel had a MRSA infection in his ear (which put him on some pretty strong antibiotics for a few weeks). He later got the flu as well, and had a bit of recovery ahead of him. Your dad had a MRSA infection as well, but on his leg. That meant he had to go to the doctor every couple of days to have it checked or cut or re-bandaged. He also had a cold along the way as well (which didn't make things any better!). Your mom (me) had a cold that seemed to last forever (in reality, off and on for about 3 weeks). Coughing and all of that good stuff...and a fever one weekend that was a little bit scary (fever of 102). Since I couldn't take anything, that made it harder to do things and to recover.

The end of February marked your baby shower! You got lots of great things from mommy's co-workers, and they were all very excited to meet you very soon!

Before the baby shower, mommy had a little bit of bleeding (amongst all of the other goo), and at first dilation check (February 14th), mommy was at 2cm and about 75% effaced. The baby gates were opening up! The following week, 4cm! And after that, mommy stayed at about 5cm (give or take) until the next step in your impending delivery took place, all the while doctor's expecting you to come at any time!

March 1st appointment you were 36 weeks, 5 days along (not quit the "full term" 37 weeks they like babies too be), so the doctor didn't want to do membrane stripping. March 10th was the next appointment, and you were 38 weeks along. The doctor wondered why you hadn't come out yet (just as the other doctor in Reno had wondered 2 1/2 years ago with your brother at this stage!). Membranes were born early the next day!

A very eventful few months!

Hello Jared!

Once again, a VERY overdue blog post! It looks like Thanksgiving time was about the last time I wrote something, so I'll try my very best to catch up!

First and foremost, you were born on March 11th, 2011, at 1:52a.m.! That makes you 11 days old (almost 12, as of the time I'm writing this!). You weighed 8lbs even, and were 18 3/4 inches long (although that is slightly contested by the pediatrician's office who measured you about an inch and a half bigger). The whole birth story/circumstances of your arrival will come shortly...I've written it out a few times in various forms, but it bears repeating here I suppose!

I'll tack on a few posts here (separated out), but just wanted to say...welcome to the world! It's been a fun 11 days!