Thursday, December 22, 2011

9 months and counting!

It seems like, once again, so long since the last post! So here's a quick recap on some things that (I least), have happened since then.

1. Crawling! This happened in the past week, but you finally got up on your knees and started crawling. Now, you'd been doing the army crawl since before Halloween, and you still do that from time to time. You're sitting up like a champ as well, and you want to stand badly on your own!

2. Teeth. Not sure if I posted about that, but you have two, shiny, white little teeth on the bottom. Still waiting for more!

3. Sickness. On our fourth round of antibiotics (2 amoxicillin, 2 augmentin), the pediatrician suggested you go see the ENT, and tubes it was! You had the tubes put in on December 6th, and this past weekend another ear infection. Ugh! Before that, right after Thanksgiving, it was hand-foot-mouth.

4. Your own bed! We got and put together your crib, and put it in your own room. Not quite ready to room with your big brother, but that will come soon!

5. Moving. We're moving to a new house...and you'll get your own room once again, but as soon as we're sure both you and Daniel can handle it, you'll get to share!

Well, that's about all of the updates for now! Here's to your first Christmas as well!

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