Tuesday, September 13, 2011

6 Months...and an Ear Infection!

This past Sunday (the 11th) was your half birthday! You are six months old!

You've managed to be fairly free of illness up until this point, but that perfect record came crashing down last Thursday when you got your first fever, and had to be taken out of daycare for the day.

As a bit of a background, you've had a bit of a persistent cough since a little before your four month check-up. There really isn't a whole lot that anyone can do for little guys with a cough, unless there's an underlying cause, other than keep your nose suctioned out, maybe some saline, and running the humidifier. Also a recent development is teething. Gnawing on everything in sight, although there are no teeth sprouted yet!

In the days leading up to your temporary banishment from daycare, you were extra fussy and grabbing a bit at your left ear. When your temperature hit almost 102 on Thursday, that sort of solidified our suspicions about your ear. So on Friday we took a trip to the doctor and it was confirmed! Your first ear infection! We were armed with prescriptions for Amoxicillin and Singulair and off we went. Luckily, the medications seem to be working, and your ear and your cough seem to be improving.

Now if you re-master that whole sleeping through the night thing again...

Anyway, your "well" check-up is postponed for two weeks, and we've got your first airplane trip to Montana coming up on Friday! Very exciting!

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