Friday, October 28, 2011

More Updates

Slowly but surely I'm making updates to all blogs...not all at once, but getting around to each eventually.

So where are's been more than a month, and nowadays it seems like if I turn around for more than a minute, you are doing something new! Last entry, you were just over 6 months old. Your first ear infection came about, delaying your well check. Your ears DID clear up by the time of your well check, and you were over 17 lbs (something which I'll mention more about later).

It was only a few weeks later that yet another ear infection came on. Weight was down to 15lbs, 5.5oz...which seems like a pretty significant weight loss. More antibiotics...and today you went I to get ears re-checked and a flu shot booster...16lbs, 1.5oz...and ear infection in both ears still. So next level of antibiotics it is!

So, all medical things aside, you've learned to do so many things already too! You do the "army crawl" now, and can get pretty far across a room pretty quickly. Sitting're pretty steady sitting up on your own, and you can sit yourself up too.

And with that, you'll be 8 months next month...and as I've said before...slow down, my baby :)

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