Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From November to March

As mentioned before, the last time I posted something, you were about 23 weeks along. We knew you were a boy, and had your name pretty much nailed down.

The first part of December saw you and I heading for San Antonio for a meeting. First plane trip! The meeting was a long 5 days, and you kept me on my toes (and awake during long lecture sessions!). It was good to have a traveling buddy with me, if even on the inside.

Right after returning from Texas, we hopped on a plane and went to visit your grandparents in Montana. That was an incredibly long, convoluted trip to get there, but we made it finally! It also was your 2nd wedding attended! Very busy baby! Everyone in Montana was very excited about your impending arrival into the world as well!

Christmas came, and we went to spend it with your other grandparents here in town. It was a good, relaxing holiday. New Years came and went as well.

Next came your big 3D ultrasound! With the holidays and everything else going on, we didn't get a chance to schedule it until you were a bit further along, gestation wise, than your brother was (he was about 24 weeks...you were about 28). We took Daniel with us, which marked the first time he got to "see" you...he didn't seem to really understand what was going on at the time, but he did watch a little on the screen. The lady doing the ultrasound did a "size" check, and reported back to us (off the record, of course), that you were about 4lbs at the time, and measuring about 2 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule. Her calculations had a tentative due date of the 8th of March (eek!). But the best part of the ultrasound was watching you make all of the cute faces and getting to see what you look like up close and personal.

The end of January and month of February seemed to pass by quickly (although there were many aspects that seemed to drag). Your daddy ended his work contract and was looking for a new job, which meant a lot of time at home, and a lot of time with Daniel at home (out of daycare to save money). We also toured the hospital where you were to be born. And then came the issue of all of us getting sick. Daniel had a MRSA infection in his ear (which put him on some pretty strong antibiotics for a few weeks). He later got the flu as well, and had a bit of recovery ahead of him. Your dad had a MRSA infection as well, but on his leg. That meant he had to go to the doctor every couple of days to have it checked or cut or re-bandaged. He also had a cold along the way as well (which didn't make things any better!). Your mom (me) had a cold that seemed to last forever (in reality, off and on for about 3 weeks). Coughing and all of that good stuff...and a fever one weekend that was a little bit scary (fever of 102). Since I couldn't take anything, that made it harder to do things and to recover.

The end of February marked your baby shower! You got lots of great things from mommy's co-workers, and they were all very excited to meet you very soon!

Before the baby shower, mommy had a little bit of bleeding (amongst all of the other goo), and at first dilation check (February 14th), mommy was at 2cm and about 75% effaced. The baby gates were opening up! The following week, 4cm! And after that, mommy stayed at about 5cm (give or take) until the next step in your impending delivery took place, all the while doctor's expecting you to come at any time!

March 1st appointment you were 36 weeks, 5 days along (not quit the "full term" 37 weeks they like babies too be), so the doctor didn't want to do membrane stripping. March 10th was the next appointment, and you were 38 weeks along. The doctor wondered why you hadn't come out yet (just as the other doctor in Reno had wondered 2 1/2 years ago with your brother at this stage!). Membranes stripped...and...well...you were born early the next day!

A very eventful few months!

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