Monday, March 28, 2011

Jared's first weeks!

I might have been a bit better with Daniel at keeping a little running list of the first few days events...but, once again, better late than never...and here's hoping my memory holds out while I type this!

Day 1 (March 11th): Your birthday! You were born at 1:52a.m. (see birth story in previous post). We got moved to a shared room at the hospital because it was so full...this was around 4a.m. or so, and your daddy had to go home (can't stay in shared room overnight) so he got a few hours sleep before returning around 9 or 9:30a.m.. We missed him a lot, but you slept most of the time and I tried to catch up on a little sleep too between nurses coming in and all of that. Megan and James came to visit you that afternoon as well...your first visitors! Later in the day, we got moved to a private room (hooray!) so daddy could stay the night.

Around midnight, they checked your bilirubin levels and you were getting a little bit yellow, so you got started on the bili-lights!

Day 2 (March 12th): You spent all day under the lights, pretty much! Today was also a big day because you got to meet your big brother! Daddy went to go pick up Daniel, and he came into the room and went right up to where you were sleeping under the was very cute! He also wanted to help feed you a bottle...really surprising that he wanted to, but he did a great job. After playing a little bit in the room, Daniel went back to your grandparents and daddy came back for the evening.

That evening, the nurse also asked if it was OK for you to spend the night in the nursery (you kept pulling off your mask) so that they could make sure you didn't hurt your eyes. We agreed and got some much needed rest...awaiting your return in the morning!

Day 3 (March 13th): Discharge day! Your jaundice has pretty much cleared up, so you were good to go, and so was mommy! We left the hospital after lunch, and headed to your grandparents to show you off. Daniel showed an interest in feeding you again, but did also get a little bit jealous (was bound to happen). After an early dinner and playing with Daniel some, we headed to our house, Daniel staying for a couple extra nights.

Day 4 (March 14th): It's Monday! You had a pretty good first night at home...doing what babies do, and waking up every 3 hours or so. It wasn't too bad though, thanks to those little formula bottles they gave us at the hospital and mommy's boobs starting to work (you've done very well with breastfeeding so far!).

Daddy had an interview today, and we got you scheduled for a doctor's appointment today as well. You weighed 7lbs, 13oz today (just like right before you left the hospital!) and everything checked out well! Afterwards, we hit up Fry's Electronics and also your mommy's lab! You got to meet a few more of your mommy's coworkers and we went out to dinner with Heather and Cathie at Mi Amigos.

Day 5 (March 15th): I think we spent a pretty low-key day at home today!

Day 6 (March 16th): Your daddy had to go to a meeting today in the morning for the job that he accepted right before you were born. Today also marked your brother coming home too! Your grandma brought Daniel back home today, and he seemed really thrilled to be back! We went out to get a drug test done for daddy a nice car ride today!

Day 7 (March 17th): Another day at home again!

Day 8(March 18th): You are one week old today!

Day 9(March 19th): Today we did two things...went to the train museum and to a funeral reception for one of your mommy's co-workers. More people you got to meet from work that you may have missed before even!

Day 10(March 20th): A pretty low key Sunday! Headed out for some errands at Target and spent the rest of the day at home.

Day 11(March 21st): After dropping your brother off at daycare in the morning, we headed out to Udupi Cafe for a birthday lunch for some of your mommy's coworkers. Once again, a chance to see some people from work, and meet some of the ones you might have missed before!

Day 12(March 22nd): You had another appointment today with the nurse at the doctor's office to get weighed and checked quickly. You've gone past your birth weight (which was the goal!) and were 8lbs, 5.5oz. Afterwards, we went to Babies R Us and to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.

Day 13(March 23rd): Home again!

Day 14(March 24th): Your original due date! We spent the early afternoon going to Target again and lunch at Applebees (a replay of your pre-eviction lunch the day before you were born!).

Day 15(March 25th): Home again! Daddy is waiting to get his background check for his new job, and it came back. He can start work on Monday!

Day 16(March 26th): We went to the zoo today! It's your first time here, on the outside! You slept most of the time, riding around in the stroller.

Day 17(March 27th): Another trip to Babies R US! This time we bought you and your brother a spiffy new double stroller! It seems great so far, and in the evening we took you and your brother out for a spin!

Day 18(March 28th): Your first day at home alone with mommy!

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