Monday, August 1, 2011

The Things You Are Doing

Once again, time to play catch up!

You're almost 5 months old (well, I won't get ahead of myself too much here...still another 10 days!).

At your four month check-up (coinciding with your brother's 3 year check-up!) you weighed about 13lbs, 6oz and were 25 inches. Weight was a little on the low side, so the doctor suggested feeding you some extra formula. You got four shots (ouch!) and slept things off the rest of the day.

Backing up a little bit, the week before, we tried you out with your first solid foods! On the 4th of July, you got your first bowl of cereal (oatmeal!). You did pretty ate most of the bowl and you didn't spit things out too much! The next were doing well and they started trying it with you at daycare. You ate pretty well for them there too!

After mastering just oatmeal alone, we had daddy go out and get you some other foods to try. First thing...peaches! You winced a little bit just eating peaches alone, but we figured out that mixing peaches with the cereal made them super yummy! After that...carrots. Again, tried those with cereal, since they aren't nearly as sweet as peaches. After a day or two with that, you got your third food, which was pears. You LOVED pears, and couldn't get enough. You ate the entire tub (half mixed with cereal, half plain) in one sitting. We alternated pears with carrots. And now we're on food number four...apples. So far, you're doing pretty well with it...and you get one bowl of cereal in the morning, and cereal with something mixed in the evening.

Your other new trick is rolling over! You started to try this before your grandparents came for Daniel's birthday, but it wasn't until after they left that we saw you go all the way! Now you easily go from back to front and then to your back again. It's so much fun to watch!

Lastly, pictures! I posted a few on your brother's blog, but here are a few of you too.

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