Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pregnancy Differences - Daniel and Jared

I know every pregnancy (and delivery!) is different, and this past one was no exception! I thought I'd share a list of the differences between pregnancies! Hopefully my memory holds out while doing this!

Time to Conceive: Daniel - about 6 months, Jared - about 2 months
Gestational Age at Delivery: Daniel - 38w4d, Jared - 38w1d
Weight: Daniel - 8lbs, 8oz, Jared - 8lbs, 0oz
How Labor Started: Daniel - Water broke!, Jared - Contractions!
Length of Labor: Daniel - 8 hours from water breaking, Jared - ??? 6 hours from "painful" contractions, 10 hours from timeable contractions.
Time Spent Pushing: Daniel - almost 2 hours, Jared - 4 pushes (10-15 minutes?)

Morning Sickness: Daniel - Started about 6 weeks along, lasted into 2nd trimester, Jared - Started before I knew I was pregnant! Lasted much less time.
Complexion: Daniel - Better than normal, Jared - Breaking out like a teenager!
Feet/Ankle Swelling: Daniel - Constantly the last 2 months, Jared - about 5 days total...then disappeared!
Stretch Marks: Daniel - none!, Jared - 4 little ones
Braxton Hicks Contractions: Daniel - not until later...last 2 months, Jared - MUCH sooner...5 months onward
Feeling Movement: Daniel - 18-20 weeks, perhaps, Jared - 15-16 weeks
Most Common Movements: Daniel - rolling and jabbing, Jared - kicking and twitching/hiccuping
Gestational Diabetes: Daniel - yes, Jared - no
Weight Gain: Daniel - 5lbs, Jared - 17lbs

(If I come up with more...I'll append this! I'll be curious to see what happens with the next baby!)

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