Friday, May 20, 2016

Kindergarten, Here we come!

You're FIVE now!  Holy moly, has it been THAT long!  I didn't go back and read the last blog post I made for you, but it was titled Happy Third Birthday!

In any case, today is the first day of summer vacation, with yesterday being your last day of preschool at the ELC at Milenio (the school Daniel goes to!).  You are officially registered for kindergarten and will start on the first of August!  I'm sure this summer will go by fast!

So what have you been up to?  You did really well at ELC this past year...everyone was so impressed with your spelling skills!  You made a lot of new friends, and even kept some of your old friends from daycare when they started at the ELC too.  You were SO excited to start at Daniel's school, and I think you are even MORE excited to be riding the bus next year together with Daniel.

In the past year, aside from turning five, being 100% potty trained, and so on, you also became a big brother AGAIN in February.  You're a big help, even if you are a bit shy with offering it.  When Daniel and Kaitlyn aren't around, you step right up and take good care of Laurel.

Well, we have BIG plans for the'll be fun to see if you guys enjoy the surprise coming your way!

Happy Friday!!!

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