Saturday, May 21, 2016


Sort of a typical Saturday for the family, so I'm not sure how long this blog post is going to be.  We all went to Target today to get a few things...namely new swimsuits!  You picked out a TNMT suit, even though I'm not entirely sure you know what they are.  It was a pretty quick decision, as it was the first one you saw...and even with other options presented, you held your position on that one.

Also managed to snag another pair of crocs (aka water shoes!) for you.  The ones we got for you to wear at your class water party were a bit too big (even though it was the size shoe you wear!)...but they fit Daniel, so score!

We went for a drive up South Mountain, passing by the "awful towers" (sounds like Eiffel tower...but they're really just TV and radio towers up on top of the mountain).  It's still cute to hear you say that though!

Also at Target, we had bought a pool for you guys, and I let you inflate it in the living room and sit and watch a movie in it (not filled with water, of course).  You guys were so excited though, there wasn't a whole lot of movie watching done.

Well...that's about all for the day!  We'll see what things we have going on tomorrow!

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