Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday!

So I know it had been a while, but I didn't realize that it had been THAT long since I did a Jared-specific blog!  Oh my!

Three years ago today you came into this world in grand style and have been amazing us ever since.  We've all heard the Jared birth story (how fast it was...how goofy your mommy was...etc), but every birthday I look back and laugh and smile, remembering the day you were born.

Well...since the last post, you've become a big brother!  You're practically old hat at this, since your baby sister, Kaitlyn, just turned 7 months last week.  So I guess moving backwards, here's what you've been up to...

You've picked up on things so quickly...you learn so many things from your brother, and figure others out yourself.  You use our computers like a pro, navigate tablets (the iPad and Nexus tablets) easily, and you are decisive about the things you want to do.  You know all of your ABCs (have for a while!), identify numbers, can count to 20, all colors and shapes (again, that's been for a lonnnnnng while).  You love to play ball, whether it be basketball or soccer, or even throwing a baseball.  You love to sing songs, and you do a pretty good job of repeating what you hear.  You ask for what you want, and you do a good job of listening to what we ask of you.  You're getting the hang of potty training (even though you don't want to wear real underwear...you keep saying "no, it's Daniel's...it's Daniel's!".  And you still love Mickey Mouse, although you will switch to anything on Disney or PBS.  You're afraid of haircuts, but not much else.  You sleep in the bottom bunk of a set of bunk beds that you share with your brother, switching pretty effortlessly to a twin sized bed.  You get up in the middle of the night sometimes and show up in our room...you've fallen asleep on the floor on occasion, and other times woken up Daddy to bring him to your room to help you get back to sleep again.

Quirky things as of late...you love to hold the door open to the infant room for me and Kaitlyn at daycare.  You love to wave to everyone at daycare, and you ask to have your window down in the car.  You still need to nap, and you still need to cuddle.

You've traveled a bit since the last time we did a catch-up.  Over Christmas time, we drove all the way up to Reno (your first time there!).  You got to play in the snow a little bit and meet a bunch of people!  Before that, in October, we flew up to Montana.  And before that, while there was no massive distance traveled, but there was quite a bit of time spent in hospitals before Kaitlyn was born.

Coming up I'm sure there's going to be more exciting times!  Summer is coming quickly, and hopefully you'll get plenty of swimming time in as it starts to warm up.  I can see you picking up more and more things, and I can tell that you might be reading soon!  Potty training is coming along, as I mentioned before, and you're learning things so fast!

Well...here's hoping that it's not another big gap in time before the next update!  Happy Birthday, kiddo! :)

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