Monday, May 23, 2016

The Two Day Catch-Up Post!

Slacker mom spaces out on doing a post here's the catch-up for yesterday combined with today.  I'll start with a picture:

Yesterday we moved the pool outside (it was in the living room, just for fun) and filled it up with water.  You, Daniel and Kaitlyn could hardly wait to jump right in (which you did as it filled).  There was a little bit of bickering between you and Kaitlyn, especially since she was a little tired and cranky.  To wind everyone down, we did our usual going out for a car ride.

On the way back, we called grandma and grandpa, and you were VERY chatty with papa on the phone!

Onto today, Monday.  You got to go swimming TWICE (once with Daddy around lunch, and again once the girls were back in the afternoon).  We also set up the slip-n-slide...sort of.  It needs to be inflated a bit more, but it didn't seem to phase you guys.

Well, tomorrow should be fun...planning on going to a movie!  Happy Monday!

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