Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jared's Adventures in Catching-up!

It's your turn little was so long since I blogged in general, and I figured it's time to dedicate a little time to my cuddle-buddy!

The last entries were around the time we went to Disneyland!  So much has happened, importantly your birthday!  So let's see here...

The holidays were good, Thanksgiving and Christmas were low key and fun.  You got sick and ended up at the doctor on Christmas Eve, but luckily with nothing major, just the fever and ear infection.  It was a little scary for a while because when the nurse put the pulse-ox meter on, you freaked out a little bit and your oxygen levels plummeted.

The other big news around Christmas was that you're going to be a big brother!  I'm sure you're going to be a great one, just like Daniel was for you...and you'll have Daniel to lean on whenever the going gets rough :).

March came along, and it was your 2nd birthday!  Even as it stands today (the 22nd of May!), you haven't had your 2-year well check at the doctor (reprieve on shots, right?!) since you've been sick on and off with something.  Right after your birthday, you had pneumonia to go along with your ear infection (Daniel's ear drum burst the same day, so you guys had tandem appointments).  After that was clear for a bit, Daniel came down with strep/Scarlet Fever and managed to pass that on to you before weeks end!  Just now are things settling down.

So in other things, you are in a learning and language explosion time!  You are so talkative!  You know all of your basic colors, identify all of the numbers up to 10 (and you can count), and you know a few of the A, B, Cs.  You love to play on mommy's iPad (Elmo Sesame Street games) and you still love Mickey Mouse.  You want to do a lot of the things that Daniel does, and you guys do share pretty well, most of the time.

Right now, the phase you are in is saying NO a lot.  You do get your feelings hurt, and tend to pout a bit more than usual.  It's hard to remember these things with Daniel, but it is a phase you'll get through.  You started in the 2 year old room right after your birthday, which took a little while to get used to going there, versus the toddler/1 year old room.

And...most love swimming!  You can float around pretty well on the steps of the pool, and you love having either me or your dad whoosh you around the pool.  You don't want to go into the little mesh boat thing from last year too often, and the floats we have for you are a bit of a pain to get on...but I think once we figure out something to get you a little more independent, you'll be free floating around the pool!

So last, but not least...your most adorable school pictures.  Daniel was absent that day, so it was all about you...

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