Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Speeding Through the 10 Month Mark

The Christmas tree has come down, we've moved into a new house and life as we know it is getting back to normal. Mostly.

It's getting closer than I can fathom to your birthday already...less than 2 months away! So here's a quick update on how things are going!

The speed at which you crawl is really...fast. You've definitely come a long way from the army crawl! You are pulling yourself up on everything, and while we don't have a lot of things that are good for hanging on to, you still manage to do alright. In the walking department, you want to hold our hands and walk around, but that might be compromising your "balance" practice trying to stand.

I can remember your brother wanting to push one of the little cars around to help him walk, but you haven't really done much of that. You'd much rather play with the musical instruments on your car instead...it's still very cute!

You are very vocal though! Most of the time, you clearly say "mama" and "da-da" and it's towards the intended parent. We've tried to get you to say "baba" too, but that isn't quite there. You respond to your name, and definitely when we say "Jared...no!" it gets your attention. You started going towards the outlets (which we quickly remedied by buying the covers) and would pause in your tracks when we'd tell you to stop.

Playing with your brother...both of you love Legos! You love cars as well, and you grab one of the cars that you shake (shaped like Mater), shake him and put him on the ground to watch him speed away. Daniel does try to take the cars away (we're working on sharing with him!), but you usually take it pretty well.

Daycare is going pretty well, and you're one of the "older" ones in the room. It'll be interesting (yet a bit sad!) when you get to move up to the next room...that will confirm that you're no longer a baby! But we won't rush that for now :)

Teeth...you've got the two on the bottom still, and you've got one on the top that has erupted, but you also have another that is coming in a little further upwards of where it will probably end up. It doesn't stop you gumming and eating everything you can get your hands on!

And with that...changes abound in the coming months! We're looking forward to it!

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