Friday, February 17, 2012

Coming up on 1 year!

It is officially time to start planning your first birthday party!  You turned 11 months old last Saturday, to be exact, and it seemed to happen so suddenly!

You continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  You want to walk everywhere, holding our hands still, of course, or when that doesn't work, you can crawl with amazing speed.  You try to do all of the things that your big brother does (even though he still hasn't fully mastered that whole sharing concept yet).

So far this past month, we've kept fairly healthy, aside from keeping the ear goo at bay with daily ear drops.  It doesn't help that in the past week that you've sprouted more teeth than you had to begin with!  The two on the bottom have been there for a bit, but the top two are fully in, as is one more on the bottom.  But to fill things in, two more are sprouting on the top and a 4th is almost through on the bottom.  8 teeth!

OK...on to the party.  Your grandma and grandpa Stone are coming from Montana the day of your party.  We've already put out the invites to some people that we know from it looks like it will be a good showing!  Mickey Mouse is the theme, and your mommy is super excited to try out all sorts of much as I'm sure you and your brother will love to try them out!

And of course, it will be time to get your 1 year pics excited!!!  And with that...I'll end things...may more to come as your party planning progresses!

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