Saturday, October 16, 2010

The 17 Week Checkin!

Well, little baby, you've had lots of excitement over the past few weeks. First we went to Las Vegas (all of us!) for a wedding. You aren't on the outside yet, but you've traveled far!

Then came doctor's appointment (just a checkup!) when we got back. Mommy's gained one pound so far (woohoo!) and we had a blood test to check for the open spine defects (negative!). So far so good there! Your heartbeat was about 154!

Then we did a breast cancer walk, where Mommy did a number on her feet (with blisters)! Later in the week, we had the TGen retreat and went for a little jaunt on Chase Field afterwards. Daniel had a blast running around on the field and kicking the baseball that a security guard gave him.

Which brings us to this weekend...we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa (Coon) and went to the park. Train rides, merry-go-rounds and splash pads! You're going to love it when you get big enough to do that with your brother!

Anyway, you are 17 weeks and 2 days today...and 4 days away from us knowing if you are a boy or a girl! It's a big week coming up!!!

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