Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Baby and the Fruit

I promised some pictures, and so I hope to deliver by the end of this post!

Nothing really huge going on this week, other than work, work and more work. And netbooks. Your big brother REALLY likes our new netbooks, so much that he tries to take them out of our hands whenever he gets the chance. I'm sure both of you will inherit these at some point!

In other news, it's 2nd trimester time! If we're looking for the fruit descriptor...you're a 3 inch lemon this week! It doesn't quite seem possible that this much time has already flown by! In just under a month, we can find out if you are a boy or a girl (and you will officially have a name!...that is...if we find out :) ). Some of the nausea has gone away, but there's still episodes of it. Mommy can actually stay up past 8pm (although not much longer!), and things are just overall a little better.

We've also set up the online pool just to guess when you'll be born, how big you'll be, and all of those other vitals.

As for pictures...here are two from your almost 12 week ultrasound!

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