Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Bit Overdue...But...

We found out on October 20th that you are a BOY! The ultrasound went very well, and after a long wait through the whole thing (not that the ultrasound wasn't fun in and of itself!) up on the screen came confirmation!

So out comes the book of boy names! It's kind of weird (but we're still early!) that we don't have a solid name picked out for you yet, but we are getting close. I'm sure if your big brother knew that he was getting a baby brother he'd be excited (but pretty sure Daniel doesn't realize what is to come!).

Onto other things...the ultrasound was great, and you're growing right on schedule (or a couple days ahead) just like your brother. The kicks and other movements have gotten more pronounced as well, which is definitely exciting too!

On Sunday the 24th (10-24...easy to remember since it's your mommy's favorite number!) you were actually kicking so hard that daddy can now feel it! Very exciting! The moving and shaking hasn't stopped, and you have done some full on body rolls in that cramped little space.

Mommy is doing pretty well, aside from waddling pretty solidly by the end of the day. Your big brother has wanted to go for long walks after daycare (before picking up Daddy) which I'm sure doesn't help with the soreness. But at least this week there's not much overtime for Daddy, which means we all get to relax at home!

Another doctor's appointment this coming Friday, and this Thursday you will be officially halfway to your due date (20 weeks!). Time is really flying!

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