Monday, August 2, 2010

Let the barfing begin?

I tried long and hard to remember when the morning sickness started with your seemed like it started later, and with less of a bang, perhaps (building up and then getting worse). This time around, it seemed like the aversions and cravings and twinges of nausea came earlier (even before we knew you were on your way...had nausea right as your grandparents were leaving to go back to Montana!).

In any case, there's only been one real episode of throwing up...and it was on the same night that Stat and Daniel decided to throw up as well.

In other news, you are moving right along...6 weeks and 4 days! That puts you at the size of a sweet pea!

Today is also big news because your daddy turns 35 today! We celebrated by going out to Applebee's. Pretty soon you'll know what it's like to go out with the family (and maybe you can keep your brother occupied and tell him to stop running off!).

As for the TP Tuesdays (turned Wednesday's)...still at 10 sheets and holding! We need to get some pictures going on here soon when you start to grow so we can show everyone that you're on your way!

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