Saturday, August 14, 2010

8 Weeks and an Ultrasound!

Welcome to being 8+ weeks along, little baby! On Wednesday, we had the first doctor's was GREAT because we got to get our first glimpse of you! Ultrasound pictures will soon follow here, but you had a good heartbeat, measured a good size and all of that stuff. Since it was about a week and a half earlier than we got to see your brother, you looked very different from what we remember him looking like!

So armed with a bunch of stuff from the doctor's office and two pictures, we are already excited to get another look at you when you're just a little bit bigger. Next doctor's appointment is on September 7th, and then you have the NT test ultrasound the next day. By then, you'll have gotten some real arms and legs and grown lots more!

In other news, mommy still has a small cold/sinus infection that's been keeping her up a little bit at night. Hopefully it isn't bothering you too! The stomach situation hasn't gotten better, but that should soon...with luck!

Well, that's about all! It's still nice and warm and toasty in the outside world here...and you have just under 7 months more until you get to see!

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