Thursday, April 26, 2012

The latest and greatest of all things Jared...

I couldn't think of a good title, so I went with that.  I really couldn't think of a reason in particular to post today, other than I just wanted to.  So without anything in particular in mind, let's see where I go.

You turned 13 months on my birthday (April 11th), which puts you at 13 1/2 months right now.  I'm not sure if I've updated since your actual birthday, but you had your 1 year visit about a week after your birthday.  You were 18lbs, 8oz, which put you a bit on the smaller side of things (<5% for weight).  That earned you a re-check sometime next week (6 weeks out from the appointment).  Unfortunately, you also had hand-foot-and-mouth again at your appointment.  Ahh!  So your shots were scheduled for later.

Moving're still working on walking.  You love to walk around while someone is holding your hand (you only require one!), and you can take a few steps on your own.  The walking will come, I'm sure, and then you'll be running everywhere!

They're working on transitioning you to the toddler room, and yesterday you were over there for about 3 hours, even taking a nap on the cots!  Walking, drinking out of a sippy, and eating "table" food 100% are the factors affecting your transition.

We went swimming last weekend (your first time in the pool!) and you LOVED the floatie that we got you.  You had a lot of fun sitting on the step and playing with rocks from the yard too.  We thought it might have been too cold for you, but you had no problems (you wanted to go in!).

And that's about all for now!  Getting so big, little buddy!

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